Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hi !

I'm still in school for a month so i have no time to work on personnal projects .... i have plenty of artworks on the go, some of them are almost old to me, like i started them 1 year ago ... i seriously need to finish them and think about my futures artworks, i want to change what i do, i want to improve on a more "serious" road, stop drawing pretty girls and colorful artworks...
Yes i like them, but I'm getting bored also, because that's what i do for like 7 years now, it's time for a change !
But before that, i want to complete all my projects and close this chapter of my Art Life.
It doesn't mean i will stop to draw girls or colorful drawings, it's a part of me, it's just mean i need to do something else.

But before that there will be lot of drawings haha !
Here's one of the latest, called Rosalia, it's also a character i'm working on as a 3D model that you can see on my facebook page

I don't know if i will finish this one, it don't know the purpose of this ... i should make something of my characters, a story ? a novel ? a manga ? an artbook ? you know, something ! because a drawing is just a drawing .... sharing it is nice, but i think i need to do something more with them...

Anyways, before thinking about the purpose of my art, i need to finish school haha !
So Hope u like this post, it's not boring ?

Feel free to comment :)

Love u


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