Friday, February 17, 2012

Map Texturing

Hello !
Finally I did it !!
this is what i have been working on for the past 3 days, it took me around 20 hours to do all the texturing of this 3D model which is now being used on our school project Clans Of Dominance.

I did all the ground/wall texture (not the objects/plants) and it was really hard but really fun to do also :)

Here's some screenshots of the map !

This was developed under Unity and texturize with Photoshop
Our 13 members team worked for 4 months on this project ! :)
I'm really happy i was a part of it

Thanks for reading
See you soon ^^



  1. I don't get why there aren't that much comments...your art ist just awesome!
    I also work creative, I love taking photos and drawing, but you are just a lot more professional - I love all of your work :D

    1. Hey ! i don't understand either lol ! maybe people don't have much to say about my art ? idk ^^
      i'm glad u like it, i also take photos, i have tons of it ! ^^