Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hi again :)

I don't know if anyone is reading but, let's pretend they do haha
I really want to update this blog day to day or at least every week.
I'm not doing any personnal artworks for now, i'm working on a school project called Clans Of Dominance which is a MOBA game like League Of  Legends
I'm the lead 2D graphic designer for this project, i did the characters concept art and artworks, i also did the textures for the 3D models, this is hard but it's also very interesting and i'm improving a lot on a lot of things, it's a really complex project but i'm pretty happy i was a part of it.

Here's some of the work i did for this project

 I also did the graphic chart, some map texturing and game design, this project will be presented at the game festival of Cannes, France this week :)

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I will upload more sketches soon !

Thanks for reading ^^


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