Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Seer

Hello guys !
I have decided i'm going to use this blog more often :)
 Here's a new artwork i'm working on ! it's going to be 30 x 40 cm (quite large !) and full Copic Markers + colored pencils for some parts

I'm going to record the coloring process of course ^^ I hope you'll like this new artwork !
I need to work more on this blog (specially the page layout)
If you want to see more of my next artworks, work in progress and overall bits and stuff about my art life, feel free to follow me here so you get notified everytime i make a new post ^^

 I'll talk to you soon !


  1. This is stunning! Your finished colour piece is also breathtaking! I just need to take a minute and tell you that if anyone right clicks the image they can save it and reproduce it (I didn't do it, but I noticed the option was available). I have seen blogs that disable right clicking so no one can save the image and say they did it. Plus having a watermark stops anyone just taking a screenshot and saving it. I can see you have put a lot of time and effort into this artwork and wanted to help you in case the wrong person notices it too. (I've come here from your youtube channel but I noticed this image on Baylee Jae's twitter)

    1. Hi Bec !! thanks for the love ! I know people can save my pictures here that's why i always put LD files and never HD files. I'll check on the blog features if i can disable right click :)
      Thanks for telling me !