Friday, July 29, 2016

Youtube channel and Patreon Updates

Hello All !

I have decided to dedicate myself to my youtube channel and work on it a lot more starting in september.That means getting to 6 videos a month - i wanted to do this before but i just had too much to do already. To be able to do this, i have to cut down on some parts and simplify others.
I have a patreon page right here : Patreon
This platform is like a little hub for people who want to support my art and just give a few dollars as a thank you for the 6 videos i'll put up on my channel Sakuems .To be able to do this, i also had to simply rewards that patrons will get for their support. Before telling you what you get now, i would like to explain my new upcoming youtube schedule.

For now at least, i'm sitting out of the youtube artist collective. it adds too much pressure to be "forced" to put up content for a certain date. Even i can work ahead. I did it 4 times and it was stressing me out every time. I want to be a bit more "free" if that makes sense.

I'll be gone in august for 2 weeks so my schedule will be different but starting in September, and or every month i'll have 4 formats and 2 uploads per week.


• Art Works
This is my "big" piece of the month. It will be divided in 3 videos.
1/ Concept art and sketching 5 mins - the project genesis with voiceover
2/ Paint along video 30 mins - the project evolution in real time, voiceover with Q&A
3/ Full time lapse process 5 mins  - the project summary with music

• Art Talk
Every month, i'll sit down and talk to you about any artsy stuff i know or wonder about. It will be about art and what's around it, business wise, youtube wise, money, style, techniques, little color theory classes etc.

• Art Experiments
Every month, i'll make a video when i just experiment with things, draw everything i usually don't draw or paint weird stuff ...this type of artwork don't have a required outcome or anything. won't probably be used in a print etc. it's just practice and fun and challenging myself. Like if i practice flowers, landscapes, shapes or anatomy etc. i won't necessary make a print of this. I might sell originals of those if i like them. I don't have to think about the meaning of those pieces.

• Art Studies
Every month, i'll just record myself doing a speed paint of some sort. Any random idea i have, like an apple, a tree, work on texture, paint a portrait, paint hair, or still life etc.. compared to experiments, an art study will have a finished result, it's not just practicing, it's from start to finish to have an outcome and some meaning so it's more than an experiment but not a full art work.

Basically, my art experiments lead to studies who can lead to art works :)
Hopefully art works will lead to master pieces (we can hope lol)
Based on this schedule, i'll have 6 videos each month. No particular order. And format can evolve or change, some month i might have 2 studies and no art work project. Some months i'll have an art haul and no art vlog etc. Every hour of work i used to put on patrons exclusive rewards will be used to create more content for youtube.

For patreon, here are the rewards you'll get

Pledge 1$
• Channel Support in exchange of the 6 videos i put up on my channel ! thank you :)
• MD scan of the month (1200 px height)

Pledge $5
• Channel Support In exchange of the 6 videos i put up on my channel ! thank you :)
• 1 HDscan of the month (3000 px height)
• 1 HD sketch of the month (3000 px height)
• Upcoming Art exclusive info from time to time, i will share exclusive content here before anywhere else !

Pledge $10
• All 5$ rewards +
• All HD scans of the artworks i do each month (2+)
• All HD scans of the Sketches i do each month (2+)

Pledge $17

• All 10$ rewards +
• A6 (4x6") Art Print of the month sent to you

Pledge $35
• All 10$ rewards +
• A5 (6x8") Exclusive ORIGINAL colored sketch sent to you every month.

I hope this is clear and easy to understand :)
thanks you for reading all this and for your support !

i'll see you soon !