Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Second Oil painting ever !

Hello :)

So today i faced my fear of oil paints ! i only did one painting with oils, years ago and i just thought it was too hard, too messy, too long etc.. so i never touched them again in like nearly 10 years, until today !
I watched a bunch of tutorials (specially lachri fine art on youtube) for weeks and weeks and i really wanted to try oils again but i just didn't know how to do it, where to start and how to make it look like i want it to look like.
It's really hard when you're used to getting a certain result with the tools you know, to not be able to get that result with the tools you don't know.
it's like i know how to shade, color, bring to life something with my copic markers, or watercolors or colored pencils but with paints i'm clueless. I know the process, i know in theory how i should build the piece and the shading but on the canvas itself, i'm stop lost, because the things i'm used to do can't be applied to oils.

It's definitely a learning process and i used to be very bad at any tool until i got better so i can only practice and experiment a bit more. I did acrylic paintings before but not much, i was never a huge fan of paint, i love the medium and how it looks but i'm not patient enough for the process and the mess it is (spent 30 mins cleaning my workspace and brushes)

I worked on an 8"8" canvas board ! too small for me, but i didn't want to waste the paint on a large canvas so that's why i picked this one. I definitely want to make bigger paintings to get more comfort in like my brushes strokes and stuff. I don't have brushes to do the details and i don't want to get into tiny things and struggle to get it done. I think it's possible but it's not really what i want.
I don't need to do big paintings but something like twice the size i used would be good.

Anyway, that's the first session for this painting/study. Nothing fancy, a portrait with flowers.
I used fine quality oils and liquin medium + white spirit as paint thinner ( i need to get an odorless one soon). It's not dry yet, i think it should be ok within a couple days (liquin acts as a speed dryer process). I don't plan on working on this again until next week anyway since i need to tackle my big Copic Artwork for saturday's youtube video.

It was a lot of fun definitely, for once, i actually enjoy the process because i was discovering things and trying different methods. I can't wait to work on a bigger scale :)


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