Sunday, February 7, 2016

Product review !

Hello everyone :)

Here's a new video ! I've been contacted by Col Art UK who owns the brushmarker and promarkers acolohol based markers to make a review for them :)
They were really kind and gave me lots of markers + a marker pad to try out and then give away to one of my follower !
i'll definitely keep those in stock for a 50K subscribers give away ^^
I really enjoyed working with the markers but not so much for the paper. it's a bit too soft, fragile and hard to layer colors on it. But it does look nice in the end and very saturated. I also liked that unity/clean coloring that happened, it's like the colors were very smooth and spreaded evenly on the surface, which is something i don't have on my bristol paper or cardstock.
I think that's the good side of marker paper, i wish it was just a tiny bit thicker.

Anyway, i don't have much more to say, if you want to find out everything about my review and take a look at the artwork i did with those markers, it's right here : 

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