Friday, October 24, 2014

My Patreon Page

I'm a french artist / youtuber and i enjoy creating original paintings with watercolors, copic marker and colored pencil :) I do love to make videos timelapse, line art and tutorials too. Here are some of my artworks :)

My world is about women, flowers, fantasy and captivating characters.
I also do tutorials and fun challenges on my Youtube channel. I also share my artwork time lapse so people can see the process of making an illustration.
I make 4 videos a month for youtube and this page will be for those of you who want to support my art and videos. You'll be a part of a community and of course i'll give you some extra content that i'll post only here :)

What you can get for your support ! (^_^) 

HD scan of the artwork
Line Art if i make one (for Copic artworks only, usually every month)
Focus point video (about a specific part of the youtube Artwork)
Floral texture/Pattern (commercial use allowed)

To get access to future content, make sure to pledge before the end of each month. Not that when i'm away for holidays in summer, i will still keep the page open but i might post rewards a bit later than usual. I hope this is easy to understand ^^

Don't forget, you can cancel anytime - you can pledge just one month and cancel the month after.
I really hope you'll stay with me during this journey

Thank you so much !

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